Why do you not want to use modded versions of buses?

Recently I’ve heard you guys don’t want me to use modded versions of buses (for example SU PL pack, Morphi packs of most of the buses etc). I’d like to clarify why I use them: – Usually they have better overall quality escpecially sounds – In a lot of cases …

New map: Fikcyjny Szczecin

We have added an highly requested map to the company: Fikcyjny Szczecin V2 which was just released in AOD. Like always it’s listed on our map page.

SU PL pack mirror fixes

We have finally done it. We made a fix for the SU PL pack buses (SU12 Hybrid and SU18 in this company’s case) that the left mirror works always, doesn’t freeze on the main view anymore.

You can download it here: Fixes for buses

License on Lemmental

New map added: Lemmental. Map download link can be found on maps page. I’ve also added corresponding depot files (BUSE and K++).

Repaint updates

MAN LC DTF & SOR C10.5 now have repaints added, you can like always find them on the fleet page. In addition I’ve made the repaint for MAN LC G (NG363), yes I replaced the Mainz version with patched version which fixes serveral bugs but we cannot add the repaint …

Company now open

GO Bus now open for service. To join us, send me a PM on AOD or join our discord channel and let me know 🙂 Current map is Ahlheim & Laurenzbach as I felt it has the most varierity (short, long routes etc). First lineup of our vehicles is (you …

Initial lineup of vehicles

First buses I’m planning to get for the company are: MAN NL202 as driver’s training vehicle (problably Krueger++ version) SU 12 PL Hybrid SU 18 PL After those are in the list, I plan to expand SU types: SU 10 PL SU 12 Ü LE SU 15 PL Then I …