Our company is operating on following maps:

Map Link Needed addons
Fikcyjny Szczecin V2 by MrYanke$ Download map here (Direct link) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS MAP WITHOUT COLLISION FIX WHICH IS LISTED DOWN BELOW
X10 Berlin by Halycon Media Buy the DLC from Steam N/A
Bowdenham V4 by dazza1980 Download Read in the readme of the mod.

Currently only in AOD

Map Link Needed addons
Ahlheim & Laurenzbach by davidm2412 Download map here (Backup download link) Hamburg DLC
Lemmental V3 Updated by Schleswig-Holstein Download map here (Full package by Fulleylove) Needed addons
Rheinhausen DLC Buy the DLC from Steam N/A
Tettau V1 by Tristan98 Download N/A
Berlin-Spandau Comes with game N/A

Known issues & fixes

Lemmental V3 Updated

In order for the special traffic lights to work properly, you must COPY the folder “script” from “OMSI2/Sceneryobjects/Verkehrszeichen_MC” folder to “OMSI2/Sceneryobjects/Helferlein_Objekte” folder. Then the traffic light should work.

Fikcyjny Szczecin V2

Invisible walls fix for FS:
V1.0: Download hereMirror link #1
ust drag and drop insides of that zip into OMSI folder.

Tettau V1

On route 8342 stop named Pressig, Helios-Klinik is missing from the bus stop announcement list.