Help & instructions

This is currently the best video we have showcasing how things work:

What you need to know about the new addon
  • After choosing a trip, check on the computer were the bus is that you want to take (which depot and which parking spot)
    There are 2 types of permissions (replaces route licenes system):
    Map – you need to drive one line on map with spontaneous function and pay the fee that is needed (for example this cost for X10 is 1859€ and for Fictional Szczezin it was over 2k)
    Buses – same with each bus, if you drive a bus that you don’t have permission to, it costs €300 (At lest for Scania Citywide and Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid)
    To get the permission, you need to drive the map and bus at least once and earn rating over 60% and not damages or passenger hits. Unless you have the permission you have to pay every time to use it. So for your first bus and map I suggest picking something you know that works for you. – All bills need to be payed in 7 days (speed camera tickets, permission payments etc)
  • If you have issues with collision, turn them off, because repairing busses will be quite hard
  • If you have any issues with the addon, support centre is located at
  • To create a shortcut for the addon, navigate to OMSI folder, enter Busbetrieb-Simulator and create shortcut of Launcher.exe – otherwise you will need to right click on the OMSI in steam and select Launch Busbetrieb Simulator
  • Java still needs to be installed on the computer.
  • Adding new maps and busses will all depend on how much you guys drive because in contrast to AOD owning maps will drain money every month, busses need to be maintained and taxes need to be payed every month.
  • There is no application drive like in AOD
  • If your UI crashes and steams says OMSI is running, but task manager doesn’t show it, search for omsiSchnittstelle.exe under detailed and kill that
  • The button to end the trip is “Terminate tour” and it now closes OMSI itself if you don’t choose to continue
  • According to my information ranks won’t be transferred from AOD, but you can transfer your unused Reward points and money
  • There are no privately owned busses in the new addon’s company.
  • Fleet page now shows in which depot busses are and also has the depot map.
 Known bugs & reported
  • Closing built in navigation window will close the the entire addon UI, only option is to close OMSI, open task manager search for omsiSchnittstelle.exe under detailed and kill that
  • Sometimes using the restart omsi option closes the addon itself, use the same fix as above
  • In-game computers don’t show correct time, on tour selection it is correct. Company time is set to UTC 0
  • Scheduled trips system does not work (time shift broke it probably)
  • Clicking drive will result you getting in-game few hours earlier from your correct time, skip the time to correct timing.

Need to know for different buses!

MAN A20 Ü (V3D)

Getting started
To start the bus press E to enable the electrics and then hold M to start the engine. It won’t
start if the gearbox is in any other gear apart from neutral (The display will notify you). Either
press D or rotate the gear selector to ‘drive’ (With brake pedal pressed) and release the
handbrake on your left hand side (Or with . ) To open and close the doors press – for the front
and = for the rear. The stop-brake is not required in this add-on for the doors to operate.
NB. Take a look at the dashboard guide (Below) to help you navigate the various buttons.
Using the ticket machine

It’s very easy use without programming any timetabled journeys. If you are at a stop and
front door is open you will be shown the ticket menu by default. Choose an appropriate ticket
and print!
If you wish to see the next stops on your journey then simply program in your route and
journey information from the main menu using the LINE/COURSE (eg. 07600) and ROUTE
(eg. 1) options. Automatic announcements will only play if you are running to timetable.

Known problems
There are some issues you may experience during the course of play that are expected due
to the nature of the game or the limitations of my expertise in scripting. Some of those are
listed below:
● Gear display freezes or disappears when prompted with an error, such as F uel Low.
A work around is to press the Cycle Error Messages button until it clears, fill tank with
fuel or use the game menu to repair the bus.
● Snow flake icon doesn’t go when electrics are turned off.
● The outside body textures appear white or black. It seems you may have low
graphics memory. Re-start the game and/or install the 4Gb patch to increase
available memory to OMSI2
● Low FPS once the bus is loaded. I have played many hours in OMSI2 and rarely get
below 30fps. If I do it’s usually the fault of the game and a full game re-install usually
fixes the issue. Having said that I do have a mid-range gaming setup but it may
perform poorly on low-end systems, such as laptops with integrated graphics cards.

Solaris PL pack buses (10 & 12 Hybrid, 18 E6)

-To turn on beam lights you have to press twice L, to turn off we use shift+L
-To turn full beam lights permanently you have to hold F button
-Fog lights can be turned only with mouse and you have to pull up/down switch
-To insert key into ignition, press E, to start engine keep pressing E till it starts, to turn off engine and pull out key keep pressing M
-Button for opening driver doors form outside need to be held till doors will open
-Manual retarder binding: retarder_wiecej i retarder_mniej
-Yes, you can start driving with bus stop brake in Euro 5 and Euro 4
-You have to use brake to insert a gear otherwise gear won’t enter (also keep low rpm)
-On startup engine is on choke which will affect in waving rpm’s. Choke will turn off above 30 degree of coolant
-Multidisplay mode can be changed with pressing button near that display or you can add keyboard binding: licznik
-Second daily mileage start counting from first time choosing it (kinda bug)
-Kneeling sometimes can bug and won’t stand up automatically so you have to do it manually by pressing kneeling button up
-Doors sometimes will bounce, it is Auto reverse system (in photo cell mode probability for bounce or locking doors depends on passengers count)
-In photo cell mode doors will automatically close when no one will be entering or leaving bus when individual door opening button is on. You can force doors to close when you hold button for closing doors. Without individual door opening button after pressing door closing button doors will check if no one is in their sight and will close (like 2 – 3 sec after pressing)
-In case of blocked photocell (doors had bounced more than 5 times) you have to force doors to close with holding door closing button

Scania Citywide

SOR c10.5

Few extra’s for the destination display controls:
– If you want to edit the number best option is to choose the other option and return (for example you are editing linky which is route, go to spoje and then select linky again)
– Turnusu is line
– Linky is route
– Spoje is ziel