Fixes for buses

Bus What is fixed author link
MB Sprinter 312 & 412 Bus doest not start in AOD. Unpack the contents into omsi/vehicles/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter_12D folder daniel.trenzen Download
SU PL Megapack 1.6b Freezing left mirror kerts93 Download
MAN Lion's City V3D Add stading passengers to the bus – increasing max passenger count SimgamesNL Download V2
Volvo 7700 Adds standing passengers KMSzczecin Download here
MAN DLC Latest patches N/A Download here
MB O405N2 (Julian's) Use OMSI 2 Global stop announcements audio folder kerts93 Download
MAN NL202 & NG272; MB C2 & C2G Adds standing passengers unbenamst Download