Company event finished and winners selected!

Thank you everybody who have been driving for us! The launch of the new addon is near and we have finished the event. But before we announce the winners, thanks to this we have gathered some interesting data which I’d like to share. The event began on 23 February this year and all data is calculated since then.

Top 10 vehicle damagers

  1. emiliete1990
  2. PICCO17
  3. Gall.C
  4. Rugguglan
  5. Cubix
  6. adalbero
  7. kalle_anka007
  8. Carl L
  9. Valle641
  10. jamiedruce

Top 10 covered distance (km)

  1. PICCO17
  2. emiliete1990
  3. adalbero
  4. Johhny7000
  5. kalle_anka007
  6. SouthLink
  7. Cubix
  8. valle641
  9. Carl L
  10. Binaya94

So, here is the list you have been waiting for. We decided this with who have earned the most money for the company (income – damages).:
Here are the 3 winners
1. PICCO17 – already has the key, so next in the list is eligble
2. adalbero – already has the key, so next in the list is eligble
3. Dave99mx – didn’t claim the key
Winners have to contact kerts93, if they fail to do so, we will choose next one. Additionally if winner already has the new addon, please tell me and I will choose the next one in the list.
Here is the list continued:
4. Johhny700  – didn’t claim the key
5. SouthLink – already has the key, so next in the list is eligble
6. kalle_anka007  – didn’t claim the key
7. Binaya94
8. Cubix
9. valle641
10. Carl L

So once again thank you and congratulations to the winners. Additionally I’d like to add that PeDePe has sponsored this event and one key was given to us for free 🙂

Here is the full list with all data compiled.
Driver’s data

  • adalbero already has the key, so Johnny700 is next in the list!

  • PICCO17 also has the key, so SouthLink is now also the lucky one!

  • SouthLink also has it so, kalle_anka007 is extremely lucky

  • New people selected for the keys
    As nobody has claimed their new addon keys, we are moving down the list, so the new people qualified are Binaya94 Cubix and Valle641

  • All keys now redeemed.