Bus company simulator & what happens next

The button was clicked yesterday that confirmed that main portion of GO Bus will be moved to new addon once it will be released. However, note the word main in the sentence. We have learned that AOD company won’t be removed but will be kept, we also learned that we can choose how much money of the company will be transfered, so here is what will happen:
– All buses and maps currently in AOD company will stay there, we will keep small amount of funds in AOD also
– Main part of the money will be transferred to the new addon on the release and the company will mainly start functioning there

Why am I keeping the stuff in AOD and small part of funds? I realise that most of you can’t make the move immediately and need some time to gather the funds, this allows to gather exeperience points and in-game cash in AOD while you are gathering the money to buy the new addon. Under my understanding you can transfer your career points and money (no rank though, so don’t rank-up) to the new addon, at least that is what was mentioned at point.

GO Bus event will also end this weekend! I will announce who are the driers that are getting the new addon for free next week.