Pricing for the new addon released!

The price for the bus company simulator is € 24.99 (no monthly costs)! You can get up to 3 discounts. Please note that you can only get the discounts for AOD and OmniNavigation users if you order via the AOD software or on! Both will be possible from the end of the week. Owners of an AOD company lifetime license will get the Bus Company Simulator for free!

The discounts only apply to the download version (Steam). They can be combined and are deducted from the new discount price. The box version can only be pre-ordered at

Available discounts
Pre-order discount: 10 %
Discount for AOD users: up to 25 %
Discount for OmniNavigation users: 20 %


  • My calculations show:
    -6.25€ if you own AOD
    -5€if you own Ominavigator
    -2.50€ if you pre-order it