New repaints added, new bus and map change!

Hey-hey, Christmas is over and over that time there have been several changes: Adalbero added updated repaints to Citaro CNG and Citaro CNG and for SOR C10.5 We added a new bus Volvo 7700, which is quite nice bus, sadly IBIS is hard to understand and not fully released (for …

Merry Christmas

The holidays are arriving and I imagine a lot of you will be away. So on behalf of the company management: We wish you a Merry Christmas!

New designs applied to more buses

SU12, SU18, Scania Citywide, MAN A21 and A23 received our new city repaints. As always you can see the repaints on fleet page. As I said before, all vehicles that have new repaints have either City or Inter in their repaint download link for example City V1.

New designs & new bus

We are proud to let you know that we have a new design for our buses. There are 2 separate designs: Citybus (by kerts93) and Inter-urban (by adalbero). Buses that have the new repaint are: – MAN A21 (V3D) – MAN A37 (V3D) – Vanhool A330 – Citaro FL 3D …

Thank you

I’d like to thank everybody who drove with us on the company drive. The company rating rose a bit and we earned around 6k. Once again, thank you and we hope we can arrange more of these kind of events.

Bus updated: MAN LC A21 (V3D)

V3D released an update to the A21 which adde Euro 6 non-BVG version. We replaced ours with that and it now has manual doors. It also has again LED destination display not LCD (still K++), it has new dashboard and IBIS system has been replaced with the one from the …

Company drive decided

Votes showed us that this Friday, 9th Dec 20:00 AOD time is good for 9 out of ¬†10 people. ¬†Highest voted map is Fictional Szczezin so that will be our map. So make sure the map works for you and you have our collision fix installed! Everybody who plan to …

New bus: Vanhool A 330

New bus in the fleet: #1210 Vanhool A 330 from the Tri-articulated bus DLC. Automatic gearbox, standard destination display, carries 51 passengers. Repaind available on fleet page.

Bus returned: SOR C10.5

Our company has received back our previously used bus SOR C10.5, however it has been tuned and now uses automatic gearbox. It has fleet number #1301. Attention! This bus uses BUSE destination display system. If you want to see destination signs and hear voice announcements read the BUSE section in …