First CNG bus in the fleet

There is another new vehicle in the company fleet: MB Citaro CNG Voith.

This bus carries 54 passengers, has 2 manually controllable doors. It uses voith gearbox and uses CNG engine which stands for Compressed Natuarl Gas. It’s 12m long and is designated with fleet number #1204.
It has K++ single-color dot matrix system.

This bus is part of Citaro pack V3.4 from Morphi (original bus is not needed but you need to have extra fonts. Links are on the Fleet page including repaint for CNG and normal version of the Citaro.

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Citaro K has joined the fleet

As the company was in dire need of 10m buses, we bought a MB Citaro K Facelift to our company.

It carries 45 passengers, is 10,5m long and uses K++ single-color dot matrix. The bus is already in company repaint and is carring fleet number #1000.

As always bus DL link and repaint can be found on Fleet page.

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We have replaced the SU18

Before our bus under fleet number 1800 was a Solaris Urbino 18 (PL) MOKI ZF Euro 5 but we have replaced it with 18 (PL) MOKI Voith Euro 6 which accelerates a lot better.

There is a new repaint file due to this, model itself is still from the Poland Megapack.

In addition, there are 2 version so repaint. Usually modded versions of buses don’t lag more than original buses but because on the default repaint we have big mirrors enabled they can cause lag. That’s why there is a alternative repaint named V3-small mirrors which should have the same FPS as the original bus.

Both repaints can be downloaded from Fleet page.

In addition for buses on the SU PL Megapack we have made a fix for the left mirrors which you can find on Fixes for buses page.

Why do you not want to use modded versions of buses?

Recently I’ve heard you guys don’t want me to use modded versions of buses (for example SU PL pack, Morphi packs of most of the buses etc). I’d like to clarify why I use them: – Usually they have better overall quality escpecially sounds – In a lot of cases …

New map: Fikcyjny Szczecin

We have added an highly requested map to the company: Fikcyjny Szczecin V2 which was just released in AOD. Like always it’s listed on our map page.

SU PL pack mirror fixes

We have finally done it. We made a fix for the SU PL pack buses (SU12 Hybrid and SU18 in this company’s case) that the left mirror works always, doesn’t freeze on the main view anymore.

You can download it here: Fixes for buses

License on Lemmental

New map added: Lemmental. Map download link can be found on maps page. I’ve also added corresponding depot files (BUSE and K++).