New buses: MB C2 & C2G, MB O305 & 305G, MB O405 GN2 and MAN SD85

You guys have been earning us quite a bit in the fast few days and this is your reward even with all the BBS bugs. We have taken on 30 days lease 6 buses that I think you will enjoy. Additionally, if your performance stays as good as it has been the last days, there is high chance that next month you will see new maps also.


So here is what we have in store for you today! Capacities between ( ) are when you use capacity fixes (full download links include them) from bus fixes page.

ATTENTION: Normal and articulated buses have the same repaint package for all of these buses, if you download either, you have them.

MB Citaro C2 & C2G (3-generations versions)
Fleet no: 1215, 1806
Capacities: 45 (100) & 54 (142)

MB O305 & O305G

Fleet no: 1214, 1808
Capacities: 47 & 68

MB O405 GN2 (Julians)
Fleet no: 1807
Capacities: 52
This the second bus from the previously released repaint New repaints: O405N2 & O405GN2

MAN SD200 SD85 with Matrix
Fleet no: 2203
Capacities: 81

New addon released and issues with it

Today the new addon was released and this has resulted in the servers getting overloaded. Thus this makes driving almost impossible and we are waiting for fix. Due to that we turned our company temporarily to Private and to join you need to go to private tab and write an …

New repaints: O405N2 & O405GN2

Added new repaints for the Julian’s buses, yes we currently only have the short one, but we are ready for the articulated one also. Added to sync and fleet page.

The transfer has been done and GO Bus is now mainly on Bus Company Simulator

So the company is set up on the new addon and ready for you guys for tomorrow’s release. First thing you will notice is that we have less maps and busses than before. This is due to the fact that all our busses cost quite a lot and maps have licenese that need to be extended every month so we will monitor how much activity you guys will show and add things accordingly.

I recommend watching the video below to learn how things work and what are my suggestions (correct stream starts around 2:40).

Here are points I will highlight:

  • After choosing a trip, check on the computer were the bus is that you want to take (which depot and which parking spot)
  • There are 2 types of permissions (replaces route licenes system):
    Map – you need to drive one line on map with spontaneous function and pay the fee that is needed (for example this cost for X10 is 1859€ and for Fictional Szczezin it was over 2k)
    Buses – same with each bus, if you drive a bus that you don’t have permission to, it costs €300 (At lest for Scania Citywide and Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid)
    To get the permission, you need to drive the map and bus at least once and earn rating over 60% and not damages or passenger hits. Unless you have the permission you have to pay every time to use it. So for your first bus and map I suggest picking something you know that works for you.
  • All bills need to be payed in 7 days (speed camera tickets, permission payments etc)
  • If you have issues with collision, turn them off, because repairing busses will be quite hard
  • If you have any issues with the addon, support centre is located at
  • To create a shortcut for the addon, navigate to OMSI folder, enter Busbetrieb-Simulator and create shortcut of  Launcher.exe – otherwise you will need to right click on the OMSI in steam and select Launch Busbetrieb Simulator
  • Java still needs to be installed on the computer.
  • Adding new maps and busses will all depend on how much you guys drive because in contrast to AOD owning maps will drain money every month, busses need to be maintained and taxes need to be payed every month.
  • There is no application drive like in AOD
  • If your UI crashes and steams says OMSI is running, but task manager doesn’t show it, search for omsiSchnittstelle.exe under detailed and kill that
  • The button to end the trip is “Terminate tour” and it now closes OMSI itself if you don’t choose to continue
  • According to my information ranks won’t be transferred from AOD, but you can transfer your unused Reward points and money
  • There are no privately owned busses in the new addon’s company.
  • Fleet page now shows in which depot busses are and also has the depot map.

We are in progress of trying to negotiate to get the remaining assets (money and money that will be earned from selling the busses) on AOD into the new addon because the expenses there are higher than we though.

What maps do you want to see in GO Bus?

As said, we will start expanding GO Bus after the new addon, I’d like to hear your opinion regarding what maps you would like to see. I’ll say for sure, these maps are confirmed being added as they are the most popular ones: Berlin Spandau Bowdenham V4 Fictional Szczezin Lemmental …

Company event finished and winners selected!

Thank you everybody who have been driving for us! The launch of the new addon is near and we have finished the event. But before we announce the winners, thanks to this we have gathered some interesting data which I’d like to share. The event began on 23 February this …

Bus company simulator & what happens next

The button was clicked yesterday that confirmed that main portion of GO Bus will be moved to new addon once it will be released. However, note the word main in the sentence. We have learned that AOD company won’t be removed but will be kept, we also learned that we can choose how much money of the company will be transfered, so here is what will happen:
– All buses and maps currently in AOD company will stay there, we will keep small amount of funds in AOD also
– Main part of the money will be transferred to the new addon on the release and the company will mainly start functioning there

Why am I keeping the stuff in AOD and small part of funds? I realise that most of you can’t make the move immediately and need some time to gather the funds, this allows to gather exeperience points and in-game cash in AOD while you are gathering the money to buy the new addon. Under my understanding you can transfer your career points and money (no rank though, so don’t rank-up) to the new addon, at least that is what was mentioned at point.

GO Bus event will also end this weekend! I will announce who are the driers that are getting the new addon for free next week.

Company drive this Saturday 27th May

We are hosting another company drive this Saturday, 27th May. Start time would be around 18:00 UTC (click here to check time in your timezone) and event will continue until drivers are there. Times will be shifted by 12 hours! Map this time will be Fictional Szczesin. (Make you sure …

Company competition coming to an end.

In February we wrote that 3 best drivers in the company (excluding managers) will get the new addon for free. This offer still stands and we will be counting the final results on 11th June.