Driver appreciation week #2 & Company drive

  For the second time, we have decided to lower the payroll taxes to 25% for the coming week meaning drivers will keep the majority of their earned money, taking 75% while the remaining 25% is kept for the company, instead of the regular 50 – 50 split. This is …

Fictional Szczecin improvement released

I released the my Fictional Szczecin improvement patch. What does it include?

  • Includes the collision fix
  • Include Fulleylove’s company AI list
  • Adds Hamburg, X10 and Vienna street vehicles
  • Brings back the trams from the Projekt Szcecin
  • Fixes the errors that BCS showed on launch

Download from maps page

File sync system updated and improved

We have updated our file sync system (all vehicles download link and all links going to We now are running a new version and we did several performance improvements (including removing Cloudflare as the middleman).   Hopefully downloads from there should now be faster and more stable. I’m interested …

Report players who aren’t reporting their damages!

We now opened up a form to report players who have not reported the damages they have caused. Direct link is here:   Link will always be seen under Extras > Report unreported damages Make sure to check who caused the damages and report him, not the last driver (can …

Another batch of buses returned

Citaro Facelift L, MAN A26 (DLC) and Citaro Facelift GL are back in the company. Labeled 1500, 1501 and 2000.

Driver appreciation weekend

Due to recent bugs and your good peformance we have turned down the payroll tax to 25% over the weekend. This means for all the trips you do, you will receive 75% of the earned sum instead of 50%. Who hasn’t noticed then we also have insourance on all our …

Incorrect depot file for some buses on the bus sync

I made a mistake and all busses that are tagged as normal destinaion display on fleet page, had an incorrect depot file for Ahlheim & Laurenzbach map causing artifacts on the screen. I’ve fixed the files on sync.

This affected following folders:

To fix them download the correct file from here: or copy it from Ahlheim original zip file from MAN_NL_NG folder.